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The cost of solar depends on your location, current power usage and desired monthly savings, among other things. Learn more about the cost of solar below.

How Much Does the Average Solar System Cost?

The average solar system cost differs from property to property because homes and businesses consume power differently. Your solar panel price will depend on your current energy consumption, the direction your home faces and the amount of sunlight your roof receives, to name a few. In other words, solar is not a one-size-fits-all option.

For example, the average-sized solar panel installation may be approximately 6,000 watts, but that number will depend on the amount of your electric bill you want to offset with your panels. If you live in the same size house as your neighbor but consume more energy than him/her each month, you may need a higher-wattage solar system to see the same amount of savings.

How is the Cost of Solar Panels Calculated?

The cost of solar panels is calculated in dollars per watt. Watts is the metric used to measure your system’s solar panel production. How much electricity your solar panel array can produce depends on the size of your system, solar cell efficiency and the amount of sunlight the panel receives.

However, solar panel output is not the only factor you should consider when determining the total cost of going solar. Installation costs impact the final price as well. The good news is, we give you a free in-home consultation where we determine the size of solar system that’s right for you, and the type, whether it is roof-mounted or ground-mounted.

What Does a Solar Panel Installation Cost Include?

At Integrity Solar Roofs, our quote provides you with an all-inclusive price of your solar panel installation.
Here’s what the price includes:

Installation Equipment

The cost of installation includes solar panels, inverter(s), wiring, conduit, mounting racks and mounting hardware.

A Custom-Designed Solar Energy System

Once you sign the contract, our team will start designing your system, filing permits and getting set up for installation. We manage everything so you can just enjoy your potential solar savings

Your Solar System Installation

On installation day, our team will carefully install your solar panels, check for proper function and then clean up afterward. Your only job will be to enjoy those new solar panels on your property.

The Cost Of Solar Has Become More Affordable

The most efficient solar panels on the market have efficiency ratings of nearly 23%. That doesn’t sound like much, but it is more than enough to meet your energy needs. Here’s how an efficient solar system could potentially reduce your energy costs in the long-term.

Consider that the typical home gets an annual average of 4-5 hours of peak sunlight per day. Each square meter of solar panels is thus exposed to 4-5 kWh of solar energy a day. With 20% efficiency, each square meter captures, converts, and delivers 0.8 to 1 kWh of energy to your house.

A typical home in the U.S. uses about 30kWh of electricity each day, so 30-38 square meters of panels would be needed to generate enough energy for this ideal home. This works out to about 300-400 square feet, which is about one-fourth of the size of an average roof. These newest, most efficient solar panels require less roof space to generate energy, so your solar panel installation cost could go down.


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